There is a virus deadlier than Coronavirus.

March 29, 2020 Geoffrey Mutenga

Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus..... Is making the news right now. A lot of sad news is going around; Fear not dear friend!!
The origin or source of this Coronavirus, may not be accurately known at this time but one thing it’s done is to give you and I a different view or perspective of life.

Life as it is perceived here is like a vapour. One time you see it, the next it’s gone. It has also been said elsewhere that “Human life is like grass; we grow like a flower in the field. After the wind blows, the flower is gone, and there is no sign of where it was.”

Who would have imagined a virus spreading so quickly, killing and threatening the extinction of human life here on the earth?. Although human systems are considered so advanced, they have been exposed as weak and helpless in face of the unknown. Like all viral diseases, they can not be cured by any medicine man has invented but their symptoms can be managed and in some cases, vaccines are given to help the body gain some immunity.

I will now tell you of a virus which you may not know about. The mother of all viruses. One that is the deadliest, much more deadly than Coronavirus or any other to come, one which kills the good and bad, the religious and atheist, the young and old, the strong and weak, white or coloured; literary anyone and everyone.
It is so sneaky that it goes unnoticed at times and it’s effects are tragic and last a lifetime. This virus eats up a person from their very core and leaves them helpless that nothing their bodies can do will help. There is no human induced immunity. It has caused fear and death in the lives of billions of people. It eats up and corrupts the core of the human being; the soul. This terrible virus is called sin.

And now the good news; there is a cure to the devastating virus called sin. It has 100% guaranteed success to cure and give you a lifetime guarantee of immunity. The good news in the good news is that it is free of charge. It is the life of God delivered to you by and in Christ Jesus.

Life is spiritual and what we see in the physical simply mirrors what is spiritual (not seen). When Jesus is in your life, He guarantees your spiritual life and keeps you; preserving your physical body which was made temporary because of sin until you are ready to give it up and then take on the spiritual one which He makes glorious; ready for you.
He died your death that you may have His life; making you immune to Sin and it’s destruction. He rose from the dead to guarantee it. His love consumes your fear and you receive His peace.
If you believe in your heart that what you have read is true, you say “Jesus I believe you died and rose on my behalf you are my saviour and Lord from now.

You are blessed in Christ.

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