Rev. Pastor Florence Akinbode

Rev. Pastor Florence Akinbode

Pas. Florence is the senior pastor and the founder of the Ambassadors for Christ Mission. (AFCM) Her life and ministry is touching nations, touching people all over the world.

Rev. Florence is a woman of strong faith in God and in His word. She is a woman who knows her God. Daniel chapter 11vs32 "but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits", and this is what Rev. Florence has been doing in the power of the Holy Spirit.'

She has been taking and touching the nations with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ since graduation from Christ for nation uk in year 2002.

Her faith in God and hours upon hours of prayer to God and study of the word  were the most important facts that keep the ministry going since it started in  a small community hall in west London in year 2005, together with  Mr & Mrs Emmanuel & family who are active leaders and pioneer of the ministry. Together they fought a good fight of faith till the present time.

Praise the Lord!

From humble beginning, God has raised Rev. Florence to go round the world and preach and teach the Word of God with such a zeal, dynamic and passionate way.

She believes in what Apostle Paul wrote in 2 timothy 2 vs 2. That says, 'and the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.'

Rev. Florence is being used by God to raise up a generation of champion men and women of all nationalities. To be radical, bold, and zealous to the great commission and a life of purity and integrity is very important and paramount to carrying out the work of God. These radical young men and women, such as Indian born Pastor Jim Jayakumar who took the good news to his native country Chennai and Bangalore in South India.

One of our leaders Mrs Emmanuel, went to Nigeria, with the message of the gospel, and Mrs Sarah Yacoba Romaine who went to Mozambique with the good news of the Lord and there and then made a commitment to support a Pastor and his church till today.

Another such is Mrs N. Salihu who was born a chronic Muslim, got converted with her two daughters, after her arrival from Italy. Since she gave her life to Jesus she has taken the good news back to Italy, and many have given their lives to Christ through her preaching of the gospel of Jesus.

These radical men and women from AFCM ministry are zealous and committed to the great commission and are spreading the good news all over the world.

Rev. Florence mission work started in Timisoara, Romania, and it extended to Verona in Italy; leper colony in Chennai in India; and recently to Uganda in Africa. She is still committed to mission work today.

Rev. Florence came to know the Lord Jesus in year 1983, having graduated as a legal secretary at North West College, Kilburn north London. She worked as a personal assistant to the director of finance, Paddington college, west London for a number of years before God specifically directed her to leave her job and to go and study theology in other to show her self-approved unto God and man. "2 timothy 2 vs 15".

It took many years before she submitted to God's calling. Eventually she answered the call of God and went on to study theology at Christ for nations UK, West Sussex, England.

Rev. Florence is blessed with children and grandchildren.

Please note:

She said, if God can use her, he can use you even much more.

But first, give your life to Jesus and together we can take the world for him.